How the Implementation of Various Research Modules Help Learners in an Online TEFL Diploma Course

Every professional course tends to be complicated. To make things easier for the learners as well as the teachers, there is the need for certain strategies to be implemented during the course curriculum. The institutions need to indulge into certain research modules for the betterment of any educational course. The implementation of these research modules could have a very positive impact on the learners as well as the educators and eventually helps in the development of a better teaching-learning procedure.

In the following lines, we will have a look at the impact of the various research modules on a comprehensive course such as the online TEFL diploma course.

  1. Environmental Research

This type of research deals with the understanding about the students’ environment and how it affects their mindset while indulging in an online course. This is very much applicable especially in the case of an online course, where the environment of the learners has to be taken into consideration. An environment conducive for learning not only helps the learner to understand how to reflect upon the course curriculum but also makes the job a lot easier for the educator to convey the content to the students through the right channel and at the right time.

  1. Narrative Research

The narrative kind of research helps the learner and the educator understand the intricacies of the course through sessions of discussion. This process provides an in-depth view of the course curriculum and helps the learners, especially those who are indulging in an online course. However, these might take away a significant chunk of time, which could be detrimental in the progress of the course, especially in an online curriculum which is generally time-bound.

  1. Phenomenological Research

There are a number of situations or phenomena that occurs in a particular course and the phenomenological research refers to that only. The studying of the phenomenon makes things easier for the participants in an online course, whether he/she is a teacher or a learner. This helps in understanding the things to avoid while moving towards the successful completion of the course which eventually helps in making the environment conducive for a better teaching-learning procedure.

  1. Activity Research

There are several activities present in a particular course curriculum, especially if it is a comprehensive course like the online TEFL diploma course. These activities reflect the progress of the learners and help them in getting a better understanding of the course curriculum. The teacher is also benefitted as the activity research modifies the way of learning and brings about a positive change in the attitude of the learners as they look towards the successful completion of the course curriculum.

  1. Case Study

Probably the most important kind of the methodology which helps the learners in understanding the nuances of a course curriculum is the case study research. A case study generally emphasises the intricate matters of a particular course with an example to form a better understanding for the learners and eventually making things easier for the teachers when it comes to explaining the nuances of the curriculum. Case studies also provide the learners with in-depth analysis of the various projects or activities they are undertaking while indulging in a particular course and make things comfortable for them.

The different types of research modules are very much important for the understanding of the learners indulging in a comprehensive course such as the online TEFL diploma course. They not only provide an in-depth view of the intricacies of the course curriculum to the learners but also help the teachers to have a better understanding about the students and determining the right kind of approach for the delivery of the course curriculum to them through the online medium. They also help in creating an atmosphere of co-ordination between the students and the teacher to initiate the development of a teaching-learning procedure that can cater to the successful completion of the course curriculum within a stipulated time.


The Impact of a Vision and Strategic Planning on the Learners in Nursery Teacher Training Certificate Course

Every process, which involves a pre-defined path and is directed towards the attainment of a goal, needs to have a proper vision and proper planning. Without the aforementioned, it might be very difficult and even at times impossible for the procedure to reach the end result.

The scenario is no different in case of a comprehensive course like the nursery teacher training certificate course, which involves the implementation of the strategies planned to guide the learners in the right direction and help them successfully attain the target of course completion. It also helps in developing a cordial teacher-student relationship and an atmosphere conducive for learning.

In the following lines, we will take a look at how the vision and strategic planning impact the learners’ mentality and cater to their development in a comprehensive course.

  1. Establish overall goal

The establishment of a goal that covers all the aspects of learning in the nursery teacher training certificate course is the first and foremost strategy of implementing the vision. This helps develop a realistic understanding of the achievable target for both the learners and the educator in a particular course and also enhances the teaching-learning procedure.

  1. Understand and Evaluate current position

Understanding and evaluating the situation of the learners and the atmosphere of the classroom is very much essential for the educator before the initiation of a new course. This not only enhances the teaching-learning procedure but also defines the right approach to be adopted by the educator for the successful completion of the course curriculum.

  1. Identify the right path

The identification of the correct path for the delivery of the course content is also another strategy that an educator has to implement in case of strategic planning. This enables the educator to initiate the course content in the most feasible way for the students to attain the desired results on the completion of the course. This also helps in empowering the students so that they can work in complete co-ordination with the educators.

  1. Establish goals and objectives

Another strategy, which is probably the most important one for strategic planning in the case of comprehensive courses, is to establish goals and objectives. The setting up of well defined goals and objectives is necessary for the learners to get acquainted with the nuances of the course curriculum and get a clear picture about what they need to follow in order to attain the successful completion of the course.

  1. Overall draft

An overall chart or draft showing the full picture and the flow of the communication towards the attainment of the target is very much important for the students and educators while indulging in a comprehensive course like the nursery teacher training certificate course. This is necessary for understanding how the learners and educators are performing during the delivery of the course curriculum.

  1. Revision and Feedback

The revision and feedback is last but not the least of the strategic planning strategy for the learners in a comprehensive course. This helps both the educator and the learners understand the areas of problem and inefficiency and help to get rid of them. The feedback system not only helps the smooth flow of the course curriculum but also helps in student management and development of a better teaching-learning relationship.

From the aforementioned piece, it is easy to understand how the visionary planning strategies help in making the nursery teacher training certificate course more learner-centric. The impact of these strategies are far-flung and can come very handy for both the educator and the students as they can work in complete co-ordination towards the successful attainment of the desired goal, i.e., finishing the course and getting the best possible result from it.


Education in China, how to market to Chinese Student

Advanced education marketing to Chinese examinations requires an undeniably master methodology and cautious execution, yet the potential increases are colossal. The nation is as of now a huge market and developing quick, with almost a large portion of a million Chinese students presently taking courses at Western colleges and with the UK, USA and Canada the greatest markets. Be that as it may, when making an advanced education marketing system China must be drawn nearer as an independent market with unmistakable channels and focused on methodologies instead of a subset of a current residential procedure. In this blog, we investigate some key courses to progress.

The essentials of Chinese advanced education marketing

Likewise with advanced education marketing in the UK, the Chinese market requires a procedure for fascination, commitment and change that interests to both forthcoming students and their folks. HE advertisers must connect with the two spectators such that meets their neighborhood social needs. This includes everything from talking in the nearby language, regarding and watching neighborhood social standards and understanding Chinese qualities. The assistance of a master Chinese marketing organization can be very helpful at this statistical surveying and vital advancement arrange so as to get the basics right and to pick up an essential understanding into each key zone, before endeavoring to art crusades and strategies that convey important return on initial capital investment.

Select your channels

When HE foundations are persuaded that they genuinely comprehend the qualities, needs, needs and wants of their Chinese market, there are various channels which ought to be utilized to start commitment and strategic conveyance. Normally, a key spotlight will be on computerized correspondence and commitment channels, which are intensely utilized in China. As in Western markets, imminent Chinese students do a high level of research on the web.

1. A Chinese adaptation of your HE site

It’s essential to have a Chinese language variant of your foundation’s current site so as to coordinate Chinese traffic properly. By means of this channel, you can give key data, catch questions and track investigation for the achievement of computerized crusades. The Chinese site will likewise should be supplemented by advanced marketing efforts which drive focused on traffic to it. In any case, it’s essential not to just offer an immediate interpretation of your English site into a Mandarin elective. Take a gander at the substance, naming system and internet based life reconciliation of your Chinese-adaptation website to guarantee it really offers to your Chinese group of spectators.

2. Baidu PPC and Search engine optimization

As China’s essential web index with practically 80% of the market, it is imperative to put resources into Baidu PPC and Website design enhancement. Baidu PPC offers potential brisk successes by means of paid for publicizing and Baidu Search engine optimization is a more drawn out term procedure that offers positioning advantages by means of watchword improvement and different systems. The PPC model can be rapidly viable yet it requires know-how and experience for the best outcomes, with organizations required to pursue complex organization necessities so as to publicize on the stage. Baidu likewise offers rich promoting items, for example, its BrandZone which works on a CPT closeout model with a 50-80% transformation rate, and once more, which requires master information to explore effectively. Market Me China offers master internet marketing administrations to assist organizations with getting the most from Baidu.

3. Online networking marketing in China

Two indispensable stages to concentrate on are Weibo and WeChat for drawing in with planned Chinese students. China is the most dynamic country on earth via web-based networking media, so put resources into extraordinary substance, two-way interchanges and video. Youku and Tudou are two video sharing channels like YouTube which offer HE establishments the opportunity to advance their marked substance and give a knowledge into the educational, peaceful and social existence of their college. Western advertisers will quickly see that these channels are especially best in class with regards to focused marketing openings. For instance, WeChat offers bunch transformation chances to HE establishments, where imminent Chinese students can speak with a board of your current Chinese students inside a gathering of up to 500 clients. This can be especially viable as an enrolment strategy, through confided in shared cooperation.

4. Versatile applications and focusing on

Figures from CNNIC propose that there are 695 million cell phone clients in China, speaking to 95.1% of the nation’s absolute number of web clients – 731 million web clients in China (Source: CNNIC Factual Overview on Web Advancement in China, December 2016). HE advertisers can make devoted applications and target crusades dependent on divided statistic information. Once more, these should be worked with explicit idea to the capacities and substance that potential students need to see, for example, course programs, key details and realities, examples of overcoming adversity, visit offices, etc.

5. Online PR

An online PR methodology will bolster your advanced endeavors by putting your establishment in the correct productions that imminent students and their folks read and draw in with. The Chinese market regards definitive voices, so a PR system that makes your college unmistakable and certainly supported by the correct news sources and channels will receive benefits. A decent technique will try to fabricate your notoriety on Chinese outlets, traversing educational and national media, nearby verticals and area gateways. Obviously, quality written substance makes all the difference and the correct procedure will incorporate a blend of contextual analyses and victories, measurements, notoriety pieces, thought initiative pieces and other painstakingly considered substance types intended to speak to the key criteria and estimations of your planned students and their folks.

Source: SeoagencyChina


The best Travel Guide for Travel

Everyone wants to travel but not everyone has an idea what does it takes to be a nomad or a Traveller. Before heading out to any location for a tour it is important that you are laced with all the required information and travelinglifestyle  provides that.

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If You Want TO Avoid Ecoquest Repair Expenses The BUy The RIght AIt purifier 

According to a recent survey done by the United State Environmental Protection Agency, the indoor air is five times more polluted as compared to the outdoor air. This is an alarming number for all those people out there, who wants to have their indoor air as clean as possible. Our so-called modern lifestyle has caused increase in indoor air pollution. If you have an air purifier, from Ecoquest and it usually stop working and you are fed up of spending so much on ecoquest repair work, then you have come to the right place this website.

Most of the time of your lives is spent inside the homes, so it is very important for your life’s quality and health that you pay attention to making your indoor air as clean as you could.

Do not worry at all. If your indoor air is polluted then it does not mean that there is no home of making it cleaner than ever. You can simply buy an air purifier to sold this problem.

Fundamentally, air purifiers remove all the pollutants, allergens, toxins and dust particles form the indoor air and, in this way, you just breathe in clean air and not the polluted air in your lungs. This will assure you that you are spending the best time inside your homes without having fear of getting sick because of polluted air.

You need to know the right way of buying an air purifier as there are plenty of choices in the market these days.

There are few tips that can help you choose the right air purifier and in this way, you will not get troubled because of ecoquest repair work time and again.

Why do you need an air purifer?

In case you are just looking forward to buy this machine for the sake of getting clean air generally, then having an air purifier with HEPPA filters can work pretty well. It could eliminate almost 99.99% germs from the indoor air including pet dander, mold spores, dust, dust mites, pollen and ragweed too.

What should be the size?

In order to be sure that you are going to buy the right size, you must calculate the square footage of the room for which you are planning to buy this machine. For this you can measure the width and length of that room and multiply both these numbers by 2 and the result you will get is going to be the recommended square footage that you shall show it to the sales representatives. Then he is going to show you the perfect size that would be efficient enough for cleaning the indoor air of that room.

What features you wish to have?

Once you have selected the size and type of air purifier, then comes the time when you need to select the desirable features. You may want something that has caster wheels, handles to move the purifier easily, filter replacement alarms, options for fan speed, programmable timer and many more.

Once you have selected all these features and are ready to buy ecoquest air purifier, then you must vist this website to place your order.


OSHA Safety and Forklift training. Where to go to find the resources and information you need to get started?

If your job responsibility involves working with forklifts, you’re going to need to know how to operate them safely. Trivent Safety Training provides comprehensive training for employees in the construction industry. The training courses have been designed to give you the real world experience needed to safely use forklifts and other machinery on the construction site.


During the formal part of training for OSHA safety, you will be able to observe and listen to lectures given by accomplished and knowledgeable instructors. You will also participate in discussions that allow you to engage with others. Videos, written activities, and interactive learning opportunities will be provided.


Employees will also get hands on training from instructors that are well versed in these areas of specialty. This includes demonstrations that are performed by the instructor as well as exercises that are done in the classroom and performed by you. With this training, you can be prepared to perform your job duties with confidence and ease.


Evaluations are done by your instructor and cover each topic that has been discussed during training. Employers are required to certify that training has been completed successfully. After completing initial evaluations successfully, operators will need to be evaluated every 3 years. Your evaluation measures how safely you are performing operations as well as testing your knowledge.

Refresher Courses

Additional training to go over rules and protocols may be recommended if an incident takes place, such as:

  • An operator has been involved in any near-miss incident or accident
  • An operator uses equipment in an unsafe manner
  • During evaluation, more training is recommended
  • The workplace undergoes changes that can affect safety
  • The type of equipment has changed

In the event of any of these situations, additional training may be required to ensure that you can operate equipment and perform job duties safely.

Topics Covered by the Training Course

Forklift training courses by Trivent Safety Consulting provide comprehensive coverage of the following topics:

  • Why forklift training is needed
  • Understand and comprehending operating instructions
  • Maneuvering and steering effectively
  • Working the controls of machinery and instruments
  • Performing maintenance
  • The capacity and stability of your vehicle

OSHA Safety Training from Trivent Safety Consulting

If you’re in need of safety training in any construction course, the professionals at Trivent Safety Consulting can provide safety training that goes beyond the expectations set by OSHA. You will get a complete training course that prepares you for the job and enables you to perform operations as safely and efficiently as possible, avoiding errors, incidents, and injuries.

Trivent Safety Consulting has been providing safety training for years, with a team of instructors with over 75 years of combined expertise in health and safety training. If you want training that relates directly to your job activities and can greatly improve your ability to operate equipment and machinery safely, you can trust Trivent safety training professionals.


An education loan can fund your degree at Harvard!

Want to make it big in life? Then you must start from the roots. Get enrolled in a reputed institution and you will be somewhat sorted for life. If you are done with your graduation already and thinking of pursuing a post-graduate degree, how about a post-graduate degree from Harvard?
It’s a great plan as, with a degree from Harvard, you won’t have to bother about landing a good job – jobs will come to you automatically. Getting into Harvard may come easily. However, paying for that will not.
Paying for a Harvard education is not a joke. It is as expensive as it gets. You don’t need to lose hope. There are always ways and means to get things done.

You can always take an education loan to fund your studies at Harvard. Education loans are a kind of personal loan that is given to students to pursue their higher education.  Only after students finish their studies, and are employed somewhere are they expected to repay the education loan amount over a period of five to seven years.
So, lenders such as Tata Capital won’t really breathe down your neck for you to repay this kind of a personal loan while you are pursuing your education or till the time you get a job. That way, they are pretty flexible and understanding. In fact, at Tata Capital the documentation and processing are also pretty simple, so you don’t really have to break your back to obtain an education loan from them.

Let’s take a look at how an education loan can help you while you pursue a degree at Harvard:

Freedom to choose a course of your choice: If you have an education loan as a back-up, you don’t have to worry about your expenses. So, if there are multiple courses to choose from, and the fee for the one that you want to pursue is very high, you needn’t stop yourself from opting for it. Education loans give you the freedom to choose the subjects of your choice without having to worry about the expenses. In a foreign country, you needn’t have to count your money all the time to make both ends meet, as the education loan will be sufficient to cover your entire course fee. You can just focus on your studies without the burden of any kind of unnecessary worries.
Harvard is cheaper than many others: Incredible as it may sound, Harvard is actually cheaper than many other US State Universities, or even cheaper than premium institutions back in India. So, finances cannot be the reason for you to not choose Harvard. The education loan that you will take will cover all your necessary expenses. Harvard also gives full or partial scholarships to deserving candidates, so if you can bag one, your education loan amount can be lesser, and you can be debt-free comparatively quicker.
Access to resources: The Harvard library is the largest private library in the world. It has about 17 million volumes and 55 miles of shelving. With a minimum library fee that will be very easily covered by your education loan, you’ll never need to step out anywhere else to get the resources you need to edge up. You’ll have access to the world’s best study materials and reference books.
International experiences: Harvard itself sponsors research and studies abroad. So, they might send you on an all-paid internship to the Caribbean or maybe to some other exotic location in the middle or end of your course. It will be both a vacation come learning experience for you, and you don’t even have to shell out anything from your pocket or from your education loan amount to sponsor this trip because it will be an all-paid trip from Harvard. Now that’s like a win-win situation, what say?
Great accommodation: Harvard is perfect location-wise. It’s on the Red Line, and in 15 minutes, you can be on Boston Common. Housing is pretty good here, and over 98% of students live on the campus all four years. So, the place is never out of activities, it’s always buzzing with fun, and you will always have company here. The houses are pretty and affordable, too, and will be well covered within your education loan. Some houses are really quirky with a gym and a Jacuzzi or maybe a library. You will have great housemates, who’ll eventually turn into friends for life.
Nothing is impossible and an education loan makes it possible for you to a degree at Harvard.


De voordelen van het leren van tweede talen

Studenten hebben een honger naar kennis en het is van vitaal belang om hen betere leermogelijkheden te bieden die hun leven kunnen verbeteren. Het leren van een tweede taal geeft de studenten een betere toekomst en helpt hen te bloeien naarmate ze ouder worden. Door de voordelen van het leren van een tweede taal te bekijken, kunnen ouders zien waarom het van onschatbare waarde is dat hun kinderen een tweede taal leren.

Interactie met anderen in verschillende landen

Interactie met anderen in verschillende landen geeft de studenten de kans om duurzame vriendschappen op te bouwen en hun taalvaardigheid te verbeteren. Het starten van een vriendschap als pinvriend in een ander land geeft de student iemand om mee te praten die de tweede taal begrijpt en helpt de student om de taal te oefenen. Dit verbetert hun grammaticale vaardigheden en maakt het gemakkelijker om zinnen te vormen en correct te communiceren in de nieuwe taal.

Carrièremogelijkheden uitbreiden

Door carrièremogelijkheden uit te breiden, krijgen studenten in de toekomst meer carrièremogelijkheden. Door een tweede taal te leren, kunnen ze in aanmerking komen voor meer banen en een hoger betaald salaris krijgen. Werkgevers hebben werknemers nodig die kunnen communiceren met zakenpartners en klanten in verschillende landen. Het beheersen van taalvaardigheden verbetert de loopbaanvooruitzichten voor de studenten en geeft hen de kans om in verschillende industrieën te werken en een meer lucratieve carrière te verwerven. Een ​Taalcursus voor jongeren zou voor deze studenten nog maar het begin kunnen zijn van een briljant carrièrepad.

Nieuwe culturen ervaren

Nieuwe culturen ervaren geeft de student de kans om meer te leren over hoe anderen over de hele wereld leven. Door meer gecultiveerd te worden, kunnen de studenten hun leven verbeteren en worden ze beter geïnformeerd over sociale problemen waarmee anderen in de wereld worden geconfronteerd. Dit zorgt er op zijn beurt voor dat de studenten meer begrip krijgen en ontdekken hoe ze empathischer kunnen worden voor deze culturen. Voor sommige studenten moedigt een geavanceerd begrip van andere culturen hen aan om mee te doen en de wereld voor iedereen een betere plek te maken. Het ontdekken van nieuwe culturen en het begrijpen van deze culturen kan studenten inspireren en hen toekomstige leiders maken die de nodige veranderingen aanbrengen.

Het geheugen verbeteren

Het verbeteren van het geheugen helpt studenten de nodige vaardigheden in verschillende vakken onder de knie te krijgen. Het leren van een tweede taal verbetert het geheugen en maakt het voor studenten gemakkelijker om informatie te bewaren tijdens het studeren. Studies hebben aangetoond dat studenten die een nieuwe taal beheersen, hun intelligentieniveaus verhogen en informatie sneller bewaren. Studies hebben ook een afname van de ziekte van Alzheimer aangetoond voor personen op latere leeftijd na het leren van meer dan één taal.

Uw reizen verbeteren

Door het reizen voor studenten te verbeteren, worden ze gedurende het hele leven van de student aangenamer. Nadat ze een nieuwe taal hebben geleerd, is het voor reizigers gemakkelijker om met de lokale bevolking te communiceren en een routebeschrijving en diensten te krijgen die ze nodig hebben in het land. Vloeiend worden in een nieuwe taal geeft de individuen een betere algehele ervaring wanneer ze naar het buitenland reizen.

Studenten die de uitdaging aangaan om een ​​nieuwe taal te leren, helpen hen hun leven te verbeteren. Het leren van een tweede taal geeft de studenten onschatbare carrièrevaardigheden. Het geeft ze ook de kans om een ​​nieuwe cultuur te begrijpen en een hele nieuwe wereld te ontdekken. Door de voordelen van het leren van een nieuwe taal te bekijken, kunnen ouders zien waarom het van vitaal belang is voor hun kinderen om nieuwe taalvaardigheden te ontdekken.


Temporary Buildings in Education and Their Use

Have you ever heard about modular classrooms? You probably have. These classrooms have become popular these days across the world because of their many benefits. Those who are planning to open new schools or expand an existing school may consider using these classrooms. Further, other structures on the school grounds like study rooms, storage areas and dining areas can also be in the form of temporary structures. But before you do all this, there is a lot that you need to know about them. Read on to learn more.

What Are Modular Classrooms?

They are also known as portable classrooms. These are temporary structures that schools acquire to meet short-term needs for additional space. Usually, they are made quickly by the experts when a school develops a need. Some reputable experts have made them at a record speed of a weekend when the kids are away. The good news is that they can be built at any school as long as there is space to do this.

Various Uses of Temporary Classrooms

The structures may come in handy in many situations at a school. The school board must decide on the need and if the project is worth executing before they can hire the builders.

  •   For educational purposes – primarily, temporary classrooms provide additional space needed for learning. They can be essential if the school has increased the size of the student body or if a disaster has affected some classrooms in a school. Newly built schools can also rely on these buildings for educational purposes.
  •   For research – Smart Space buildings have previously been used by schools for research purposes. This is ideal if the research project is temporary and if it requires a special environment. However, some research buildings can be used as a long-term solution especially if the materials used are durable.
  •    For examination and interviews – during the intake of students there are several interviews that need to be conducted with minimal disturbance to the other students. Some schools prefer to use movable and temporary classrooms for this purpose.

What a Modular Classroom Looks Like

If you work in a school that might require these classrooms in the future, it is crucial to understand how they look. The main quality is that they are made of temporary materials like aluminum frames and light walls. The floor may remain as it is if the ground is paved. Temporary slabs can also be laid down to act as a temporary floor.

These structures are well equipped to suit the needs of the school. They may have shelves, sinks, gas pipes, a whiteboard and electricity depending on the use. It is up to the school management and the designers to agree on the amenities to offer inside the portable structures.

The Cost

Finally, it is important to consider the cost implications of portable classrooms. According to schools that have used them, they cost less than building a permanent building. Therefore, they are more economical. All in all, schools should consider the many benefits of modular classrooms.


An analysis of JEE main 2019: Important checklist to follow for the exam

JEE main 2019 was held in January and again will be conducted in April. JEE main 2019 answer key was published on the official website on 15 January 2019. To begin with, analysis of JEE main 2019 has become more drawn-out than in previous years as the number of papers has increased from one to eight. This year, as per the NTA directive, the examination will be conducted in two shifts and eight settings.

Students must have calculated their scores using JEE main 2019 answer key. We have given an honest attempt to make you understand the importance of different subjects in the examination.

In this article, we have strived to analyse the paper in two ways:

  1. Class Wise distribution of whole paper
  2. Overall Difficulty Analysis – Subject Wise

A.Class Wise distribution of overall paper

Questions from Class 11 289
Questions from Class 12 431
Total Questions 720(90 Questions*8 Shifts)

B.Overall Difficulty Analysis – Subject Wise

Subject/Level Easy Medium Difficult Total


98 120 22 240

Class 11 109
Class 12 131
Chemistry 33 165 42 240

Class 11 88
Class 12 152
Mathematics 105 103 32 240

Class 11  92
Class 12 148


TOTAL 236 388 96 720

After the analysis, it is evident that NTA favours Class 12th and questions more from the class. Students should focus accordingly. After the January attempt, aspirants should focus on their board exams, parallelly making sure that subjects of JEE main 2019 are studied and understood correctly.

Checklist to follow for the exam:

We have tried to give an easy list for the aspirants to make the path towards your aim easier.

  • Once you have decided to take on the journey (which is generally in Class 11), start with the focus on NCERTS.
  • Gradually, under the guidance of your teachers, move on to other books.
  • Follow your study-plan religiously. Be a better planner.
  • Revise regularly, make revision notes, formula sheets, etc.
  • practice.practice. Attempt as many tests as possible. The more you attempt these mock tests and previous year papers, the better the performance.
  • Focus on all the problems and mistakes made during these tests. Revise the topic again to avoid these mistakes.
  • Keep yourself updated with all the announcements by NTA regarding JEE main 2019. Download your admit card, check your slot, timing, venue.
  • After the January attempt, Check your answers using JEE main 2019 answer key
  • Use the JEE main rank predictor to estimate your rank.
  • Strategize a plan as per your rank and expectations.
  • Accordingly, get back to your preparations with more enthusiasm and optimism.
  • Be more prepared for April attempt. Follow the same procedure.

The following is the basic checklist every aspirant should abide by. Do not miss any step. As long as you are dedicated and positive, success will come running to you.

All the best. You will reach great heights.