What is Mobile Car Detailing?

If you own a car, whatever brand it may be, you should consider putting up your vehicle for detailing to keep your vehicle looking brand new as always. People who love and know how to take care of their car still does this kind of things AutoVillage.

The word “detailing,” explains it all in car detailing. It is not just by merely swiping the exterior of your vehicle with a sponge and some soap and splashing a bucket full of water afterward, or cleaning the interior with a vacuum cleaner and a swiping it with some rags. It has your focus to clean every detail in your car thoroughly both interior and exterior using specialized tools that are intended for this kind of job.

Here is some information on what is mobile car detailing, if you would want to consider your car to be detailed


In mobile car detailing, to freshen up your vehicle, it primarily consists of two parts; cleaning the interior and exterior portion. Let’s first go to the outside part of your car. Rinse the body with soapy water using a power sprayer to remove dirt and mud from the surface.  Use small brushes for the tiny spots in your headlights and used jaguar xf Newbury taillights that need cleaning. Wheels which are considered the dirtiest part of your car is also in detail.

Different kinds of products are used such as wax, soaps, and chemicals in removing dirt and foreign substances and at the same time maintaining the original paint of your car. There are specific products that are intended for car use to prevent washing of the original wax of your vehicle. Mobile auto detailing companies who are experts in this field knows how to use these kinds of products so that you may bring your car to them. After all the thorough cleaning, polishing will be next to remove any light scratches or marks. Then it is waxed for additional protection from dirt while also giving it a shinier look.


The upholstery in your car whether it be nylon, polyester, or leather, it is thoroughly cleaned using a vacuum and is also shampooed to remove stains from food and even dirt from the outside. Also, washing the carpets are included in this manner. The dashboard, interior door parts, etc., are carefully detailed using specialized brushes and cleaning solutions. Everything is dried up properly so it will not exhibit a lousy smell afterward.


There are a lot of benefits in having your car detailed aside from getting it cleaned thoroughly.


In car detailing, the exterior is all-clean, and at the same time, the paint condition of your vehicle is properly maintained. Also, the value of your car is preserved by having a regular check-up for detailing, which makes your vehicle having a higher chance of being sold if you are considering to sell your car in the future.


In mobile car detailing, your vehicle is cleaned so build up of dirt is prevented. Also, your car will be coated with wax for extra protection to your paint against dirt and rust.

Physical ease

You are ensured that whenever you have your car detailed, your vehicle is in fresh and excellent condition. You are in natural ease because you have clean inside environment when riding with your family and friends.

Mobile car detailing is composed of a variety of processes to ensure your vehicle is looking its best, so make sure you know the details on what would you want to be done to your car before you go to any mobile auto detailing company.

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