TV shows test your personality?

TV shows test your personality?

A us psychologist has shown that a person’s personality and psychology can be judged by the type of television they like. What kind of TV programs do you like?

  1. Comedy show
  2. Drama show
  3. Mystery show or investigation shows
  4. Quiz show with prizes
  5. Family ethics series
  6. Big entertainment show
  7. Sport cast

Test results:

  1. People who like comedy show have low demands for life, strong family values and implicit personality. Most of these people use a sense of humor to hide their true feelings, which may seem casual but hot inside.
  • People who like drama have a lot of confidence and love adventure. These people have a strong sense of heroism. They like to help people in difficulties, but they are domineering and like to lead others. Sometimes people lose friends for this reason.
  • People who like watching horror shows or solving crime stories are curious and competitive. They can always carry out all the things and try their best to pursue excitement.
  • People who enjoy quiz shows are generally smart, good at reasoning, calm in analyzing and probing any question, and are the most intolerant of ignorance or stupidity.
  • Those who like family ethics serials have strong fantasy ability, have clear right and wrong, have a sense of justice and do things properly.
  • People who like to watch large-scale comprehensive entertainment programs are optimistic, cheerful, kind-hearted and do not like to hate others. Such people only look at the bright side of things and are most considerate of others.
  • People who like to watch sports programs are competitive and like to accept challenges. They are courageous and resourceful and have detailed plans.

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