Methods of Observation and How They Affect the Online Diploma in Train the Trainer Course

Learning is a comprehensive process which requires the full attention of both the learners and the educator to make it a success. Comprehensive courses like the online diploma in train the trainer course is one such learning experience which involves a number of observational methods to be used towards the successful attainment of the course curriculum. These observational methods are essential for both the parties involved in an educational procedure, i.e. the students and the teacher.

Here is a brief look at the various methods of observation and how they affect the nuances of an online diploma in train the trainer course.

  1. Testing Method

The tests are one of the first and foremost ways for the educator to understand how things are progressing in a class or in an online course as the learners delve in a particular curriculum. Testing is also necessary for the students to understand their individual development and what are the challenges that they are facing that act as barriers in the way of the successful completion of the course curriculum.

  1. Case Study Method

Generally, a case study refers to a particular situation put up as an example in front of the learners to help them understand a theory in a practical way. In professional courses, the role of case study is huge in presenting even a complicated theory in a simplified way and helping the students to delve into the course curriculum in a more focussed manner, especially in case of an online course.

Case studies not only help the students understand how to go about a particular curriculum but also help the teachers understand how to guide the learners towards the successful attainment of a particular course.

  1. Cross Sectional Method

The cross sectional method of observation involves keeping the participants under constant watch and understanding their characteristics individually. This method helps in having an in-depth understanding about a particular learner and also gives the educator the opportunity to know the class well. This is much more effective in case of an online course as the one-on-one interaction more often than not is between the educator and the learner. However, this is a time consuming procedure and might be skipped, especially in case of courses which are bound by time constraints.

  1. Neutral Observation Method

At times, it is found that some teachers get fond of a few students particularly during the completion of the course curriculum. The neutral observation method helps the educator to focus on the whole class with a neutral point of view. In case of an online course, this method helps the teacher to understand how the learner is able to cope with the curriculum and also prescribe defined instruction for his/her development. This helps in evaluating the students effectively and also helps in retaining the cohesiveness of the class so that the course curriculum can be completed properly.

  1. Longitudinal Method

This is a method which involves the observation of the learners for a significant amount of time. This helps in assessing them properly and through a pre-determined way so as to understand and evaluate them. The complexity of the process might make it a lengthy one but it is one of the most effective methods of observation as the educator can evaluate the learners in a proper way and work together towards the successful completion of the curriculum.

The aforementioned methods of observation help the teachers to get a detailed idea about the students and vice versa. This is also very important for understanding whether the learners are able to cope with the course curriculum properly and create a cohesive atmosphere, conducive for the development of the students. In an online course, the observational methods can be implemented easily as the chance of having a face-to-face interaction is more likely to happen between the educator and the learner. This not only helps in helping in better student-teacher co-ordination but also helps in making the teaching-learning procedure more comprehensive in an online diploma in train the trainer course.

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