Why aren’t daughters treated like the Goddesses we worship?

In a country like India which worships Goddesses for wealth, for war, for strength, for good health – it is surprising that their daughters are not treated the same way. Daughters for the more part in maximum households are looked at as burdens. The families never want to invest in educating a girl child.

NGOs have been fighting the battle for the education of the girl child for ages now. They have to invest more time in order to convince the parents to understand and respect their daughters’ choice to attend school and pursue an education. The girl child sometimes is denied the basic right to even dream about a future that her parents are not forcing her into. For the most part, parents simply want to get the burden of their daughters off from their shoulders.

Sponsoring a Girl Child

This is where the NGOs for education in India step in. They work closely with the family to explain to them why education is an important thing, and why it is the need of the hour to educate a girl. One of the key reasons why families with lower income hesitate to send their girl child to school is because they are worried about the finances. They believe that engaging their girl child in work is a better use of the time and that is an additional source of income. NGOs for education have to explain to the parents that in the long term, the girl would grow up to make something of herself and that her education will help her land a job which has a much better pay out than the one the girl would get without an education.

The NGOs also explain to them how there are sponsors for education and that people from all over the world can donate online in order to support the girl child to achieve her dreams. In order for parents to understand that they are doing their daughters a serious disservice by disallowing them to pursue an education.

India and the Irony of Educating a Girl Child

The irony is that we worship Goddess Swarswati for education, and yet the little Swarswatis at own homes are belittled and made fun of for wanting to do something good with their lives. The NGOs for education in India work towards the rights of the girl child, and help her in her quest to make something of herself. The Girl Child Project aims to make sure that the girls today are provided with the same opportunities as the boys.

We need to go back to our roots and remember that Goddess Durga was created because no man could defeat Asura. Seeing the path that this world has headed in today, it is of no surprise to think that we might be in need for another Goddess Durga. But, if we are reluctant towards educating a girl child, where will we find our saviour from? That is something to think about seriously.

Until then, you can do your own bit by sponsoring a girl child and donating online to ensure that a little girl’s dream does not go in vain.

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