What can I do with a degree in special education?

What can I do with a degree in special education?

Got you! This is exactly the question you might be asking yourself by now. What’s so special about special education? Every child has the right to know and view the world. Accordingly they need to be assisted, guided and taught to fight all odds. They therefore require well trained and qualified people to shape their futures.

Are you confused whether or not to be career optimistic with your degree? To speak the truth, special education is a prejudiced aspect of the academic circle. Yet armed with laws and infrastructure it is no more a neglected arena. As a proud Bachelor of Special Education, feel the philanthropic joy with every step you take.

Special Education Teacher:

Louis Braille is known to have founded the Braille system of learning for the blinds. But did you know that in 1829 Samuel Gridley Howe was the first to build a school for the blinds in the US? A special education teacher is the one who teaches and guides the children with disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD and so on. A patient and an understanding mind are of the foremost requirements. A special education teacher training is needed to seek a job in the public schools.  A ‘Special Ed’ teacher must recognize the giftedness and talent of the child as a moniker to a gem. This can be done through repeated experiments and examinations to understand the capacity and skills of the child.

Advocate of Special Education:

Not only the parents or the teachers, special education laws should be known universally as well, and the work of the advocates is to fight for the causes of these children in meetings and conferences. ‘Education for All Handicapped Children’s Act’ ensures that children with disabilities should not be left behind. With fair infrastructures, quality education, ‘federal resources to public schools for education…’ this law was formulated in 1975.  Not sure how to go for this profession? Special Education advocates are not the black and white lawyers you might be imagining. Being in this profession, you can take up the role of counselor as well. With parents coming to you for aids and advices you can always look up for the IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings you have to attend to.

Physical Therapist:

Health is wealth. Catering to physical aspects is as necessary as psychological aspects. The physical therapist will help the child to benefit in his/her mainstream education. Enhancing motor skills, movement as well as through physical activities and exercises will develop the endurance and brain strength of the child. These are the short but essential steps that the therapies undertake. The diagnosis, though, takes place depending on the form of disability of the patient. From pain healing to the rehabilitation purposes, physical therapists are an important demand of the special education.

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