Tips To Crack JEE Advanced

Candidates appearing the IIT JEE must understand the importance of studying from recommended study materials and practicing previous years question papers. Understanding the weight-age for each topic subject-wise plays a vital role. Around 50% of the questions that appear in the JEE Advanced are from the NCERT syllabus. To have a clear idea about the question paper pattern, you need to solve previous years question papers. Students appearing for the IIT JEE should check out the following tips to prepare for JEE Advanced.

Subject-wise study plan

Dedicate more time to the difficult subject as there is always a scope for improvement. The mathematics topics to be focused are algebra, trigonometry, analytical geometry, differential calculus, vectors, integral calculus along with the theorems, and derivations. The physics topics to be focused are general physics, mechanics, thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, optics, modern physics. Topics that should be focused on in chemistry subject are physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry.

Time management

One of the major benefits of practicing previous years question papers is that you get familiarized with the JEE Advanced Paper pattern. You will become aware of the amount of time required to answer each question type. Therefore it will definitely help you improve your speed during the exam. During your JEE Advanced paper, you can allot time to each question accordingly and finish the paper in the given time.

Study material

Before you start with the exam preparation gather all the required study materials such as syllabus, textbooks, notes, model question papers, previous years question papers.

Solve numerical problems

Practice as many chapter wise numerical questions for all the three subjects. At least solve 55 – 60 problems from day 1 as this will help you improve your problem-solving skills.

Reward yourself

Keep a timeline to finish a topic or chapter and on successfully completing it you can reward yourself with something that you like. It is important to refresh your mind rather than continuously studying as it is difficult to study for long hours.


Finish your preparation for the subjects at least a month before the final paper as you need to revise the subject chapter wise before appearing for the exam.

Practice and learn from mistakes

Constantly solving the JEE Advanced papers, will give you knowledge on the type of questions asked. Also, you will learn new tricks to tackle the various questions smartly and quickly.  Solve the previous paper and cross verify your answers. For the ones that you have answered wrong, you need to check for the actual solution as you will need to understand where you went wrong and to avoid making the same mistake in the JEE Advanced paper.

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