The Benefits of Going to an All Girls Catholic School

In life there is nothing more important than having a good education; a better education will not only guarantee you a good job, but also a brighter future because in life, knowledge is everything. When it comes to sending your little girl to school there are three options, public schooling which may be the more economical route, private schooling, or Catholic school. Sending her to an all girl’s Catholic school is not only better academically, but it also has an emphasis on Catholic values, which will teach her how to excel in life and embrace her faith. If you’re looking for an all girls catholic school washington dc has plenty of options.


One of the many advantages of Catholic schooling is it instills self-discipline, discipline shouldn’t be viewed as a punishment, it’s aimed to teach students how to maintain their education without being distracted. Catholic schooling also teaches students how to respect authority, cooperation and how to communicate effectively.


Contrary to popular belief, a Catholic school is less expensive than private school. The average private school costs 14,000 a year and an all-girls Catholic school costs around 10,000. But the upside is that many Catholic schools will often provide some sort of financial aid.

Better Education

By far the biggest advantage of Catholic schooling has to be academics, many critics will say it’s because Catholic schools typically only accept the most affluent students, which isn’t the case. Catholic schools are able to provide the best, most dedicated teachers and administers, teaching them life skills that will stretch far beyond the classroom walls. Statistics have shown that nearly 100% of students who graduate from all-girls schooling, will later go on to attend college. She’ll be able to learn in an environment with fewer distractions, allowing her to focus her energy, and accomplish her goals. The teachers are specifically trained in teaching girls; this provides students with a nurturing and healthy atmosphere to help motivate them to reach their aspirations.


All Catholic schools have trained staff who aren’t only educators, but mentors, whose job is to listen and guide students the best they can. The teachers also make it their priority to create a special bond with their students and incorporate their families as well. Giving students a prosperous inspirational learning environment, Catholic schools create an intimate educational setting to make sure each student reaches their full potential.

Developing Leadership Skills

Going to an all-girls school will teach girls how to embrace diversity, build her self-confidence and how to be comfortable in their own skin. It will also give them the necessary leadership skills to help them excel in the workplace; learning the importance of teamwork, comprising, and how to communicate properly.

Safe Environment

Often times the world can seem like a scary place, which is why many parents send their children to Catholic schools. This is because Catholic schools understand the importance of maintaining a zero drug tolerance policy. And they are dedicated to providing their students a safe learning environment.

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