Different language skills and their impact on online spoken English course for beginners

Different language skills and their impact on online spoken English course for beginners

Learning English is something everyone needs to get acquainted with these days, irrespective of thebackground he/she belongs from. The learners, especially the ones who are in the initial stage of the learning procedure, ought to find it difficult to get acquainted with the nuances of English and its appropriate usage. However, the utilisation of different language skills, which involve every basic area of the English language learning procedure, i.e., reading, writing, listening and speaking, can come very handy for these learners. In the following lines, we will have a look at the various language skills and their impact on online spoken English course for beginners.

We all know that there are four action areas of English learning, i.e., reading, writing, listening and speaking. The different language skills are included in these four action areas and are broadly described in the following lines.

  1. Listening exercises

We are all aware of the proverb that only a good listener can be a good speaker, and this is absolutely true. A person who is looking to hone the English language skills should be aware of the exercises related to the development of the listening skill and implement them in their learning procedure. There are a number of listening exercises and we will have a look at them given below.

  • Practice Listening

It is very important for everyone to practice listening to English to understand how dialogues tend to take shape in the universal language. This exercise can be done at any point of time throughout the day. All that the person needs to have is a significant amount of concentration while listening, which is the most important part of the exercise. This helps to inculcate the listening skill well for the learners pursuing it.

  • Listen to news, podcasts and match commentary

Doing the aforementioned exerciseshelps a person to understand and increase his/her vocabularyin order to implement it further in the future. It can be a very important means of learning and understanding English for the ones who are pursuing an online spoken English course for beginners.

  • Find exercises online

There are a number of sites on which one can find various exercises to improve their listening skills, which can be the right step towards the mastering of the communication procedure using English as the mode. These exercises could be another good option to improve the language learning skills.

  1. Speaking exercises

Without speaking, no process of communication is complete. Speaking lets the person present his/her idea in front of the audience and thus, it is very important for the speaker to practice the exercises to becoming a better speaker and have a gripping impact on the audience. We will have a look at the different types of exercises that can help the learners attain fluency in speaking, especially in the beginner stage.

  • English speaking clubs or chat groups

Joining clubs or chat groups which deal in English speaking can be helpful for individuals who are looking to improve their speaking ability. This is an exercise which can be influential for the people pursuing an online spoken English course for beginners.

  • Mirror speaking technique

One of the most common techniques that can be very helpful for the learners of an English course to improve their dictation and speaking power is the mirror speaking technique. This helps in the development of the speaking ability of the learners and also helps the person to develop his/her confidence.

  • Focus on fluency and pronunciation

Both these traits are important for anyone who is willing to gain competence in English and utilise his/her learning experience in improving communication. Without improved fluency and pronunciation, it might be difficult for any learner to get a proper insight into the world of English learning.

  1. Reading exercises

Reading helps the learners to understand the terminologies included in the development of English and thus makes it a very important aspect of learning the universal language. Below given are thedifferent types of exercises that the learners can adapt to get fluency in English.

  • Time for reading

Reading is the primary source of knowledge for every person about a particular subject matter;it also helps in the development of the vocabulary and enables the reader to think in the particular language and construct his/her sentences. Reading books, manuscripts and magazines on any subject helps the person to have a better idea of the English language.

  • Reading English books and magazines

It is nowadays a trend to read English books or magazines online. This is obviously a great utilisation of the advancement of technology, which helps the learners in an online spoken English course for beginners to make life easier for them, developing their reading habit, knowledge base and understanding the language.

  1. Writing exercises

The writing exercises comprise of techniques that play a huge role in developing the understanding of a person in terms of putting down his/her feelings on paper. The following techniques can be utilised by the learners to get a better grip on the nuances of writing.

  • Writing blogs

Writing blogs can increase the fluency of the people as far as writing English is concerned. This practice is one of the most important aspects of learning English as a language.

  • Pictorial descriptions

Describing pictures in words can be one of the better ways to gain fluency in writing English. This is very much applicable for the students in the initial stage of learning English, especially for the ones pursuing an online spoken English course for beginners.

From the aforementioned points, it is easy to understand how the nuances of English can be learnt by the utilisation of the various exercises required to gain fluency in English, especially if they belong to an online spoken English course for beginners. It is of utmost importance for every learner of the English language, belonging from any sector of the society and any profession, to get a wider knowledge on the nuances of English that will cater to their holistic development of the language.

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