Apply These Secret Techniques to Improve Your English Speaking

English language learning isn’t just about learning grammar and vocabulary. That’s why sometimes we face a lot of troubles while communicating in English, no matter what language we speak or how much we know about it. But, facing communication issues has nothing to do with your level of English or your knowledge of English. If you put some more efforts into learning English then you will be able to have a strong bond with English speakers around the world. Moreover, English is the leading language across the globe and here lies its significance.

Then why people face communication problems in English language?

You can read English easily, you know a lot of English words, but still you face problems in English speaking…WHY?

In the real scenario, the single way to improve the English fluency is – Listen. Speak. Read. Write. Repeat!

As the proverb goes ‘Words don’t come easy’, here are some functional and effective techniques of improving your English speaking:

Observing and Listening

Nothing can beat the effectiveness of observing and listening in English learning. The more you listen, the more you observe, the more you learn. Try to pay attention to what others say. Generally, when people give efforts in communicating in a foreign language they forget to listen to what others are saying. Don’t do that otherwise you won’t be able to learn as they might be using the exact grammar or words that you are missing out.

The Habbit of Talking

If you really want to develop your spoken English skills, then you need to talk. Expressing your emotions out loud is a very useful and successful way to practice spoken English. By talking regularly you will become more assured in translating your thoughts and emotions into spoken words. Don’t be hesitating to speak, make mistake and learn!

Slow It Down

For effective English learning, slow down your speaking speed. Moreover, nobody will hold it beside you if you are speaking slowly and unmistakably. Select your words circumspectly as sometimes it has been seen as a sign of respect towards your addressees. Try it!

English Language Setting

One more way to develop your English is to surround yourself in it as much as doable. Try to watch English movies or channels (subtitles if you require them), read newspapers, blogs and books, listen to radio channels. Music is also one of the best tools for learning English. Incorporate the language in your day to day life as much as possible for better results.

Learn the complete sentences

It’s very strange to do everything flawlessly the first time you make an effort, isn’t it? Hence, just relax! Instead of concentrating on words, try to learn and understand the complete whole sentence. This will take your stress off in a way as well. A lot of people learn words by heart, but they don’t have any idea about how to use them while framing a sentence. Don’t do that.

Spoken English Course is the Key

Join any English speaking course as this will aid you in developing your spoken English skills in a better way with experienced trainers. You will learn how to communicate in English by improving your confidence. Moreover, the professionals will also help you to speak up confidently in English.  Try it yourself!

Read Stridently

This is another effective way to improve your English. It is a great way to practice English speaking. Also, it gives you a chance to listen your pronunciation clearly. By reading loudly you can check your pronunciation by listening to how the speaker speaks to you about something.

Track Your Conversation

If possible, do it! This is another helpful technique to know your progress. When you will listen to your own conversation, you will be able to weigh up your own pronunciation and can notice the significant areas where you need to look up.

Join Hands with English-Speaking People

Try to make English speaking friends if possible. If you can’t then join any club or volunteer any organization, so that you can build up your network. You can also hire a personal tutor or trainer. Tools like Skype or Google Hangouts can be another option for you.

Believe in Yourself

The most important and significant way of improving English is believing yourself. Self-confidence is the utmost factor for any kind of learning. Don’t feel bad or sad if you make a mistake because it is natural. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Some more useful suggestions:

  • Try to maintain a notebook of new words you learn every day.
  • Give yourself a long term goal for learning.
  • Figure out how you learn that can be anything.
  • Try Children’s books.
  • Don’t worry about understanding every word in the beginning.
  • Try to use English whenever you can use.
  • You can start an online blog or article to share your own experiences.
  • Practice in front of the mirror.

Remember, your goal is to develop your English speaking skills and that’s why practice is definitely the best way to do that.

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