An education loan can fund your degree at Harvard!

Want to make it big in life? Then you must start from the roots. Get enrolled in a reputed institution and you will be somewhat sorted for life. If you are done with your graduation already and thinking of pursuing a post-graduate degree, how about a post-graduate degree from Harvard?
It’s a great plan as, with a degree from Harvard, you won’t have to bother about landing a good job – jobs will come to you automatically. Getting into Harvard may come easily. However, paying for that will not.
Paying for a Harvard education is not a joke. It is as expensive as it gets. You don’t need to lose hope. There are always ways and means to get things done.

You can always take an education loan to fund your studies at Harvard. Education loans are a kind of personal loan that is given to students to pursue their higher education.  Only after students finish their studies, and are employed somewhere are they expected to repay the education loan amount over a period of five to seven years.
So, lenders such as Tata Capital won’t really breathe down your neck for you to repay this kind of a personal loan while you are pursuing your education or till the time you get a job. That way, they are pretty flexible and understanding. In fact, at Tata Capital the documentation and processing are also pretty simple, so you don’t really have to break your back to obtain an education loan from them.

Let’s take a look at how an education loan can help you while you pursue a degree at Harvard:

Freedom to choose a course of your choice: If you have an education loan as a back-up, you don’t have to worry about your expenses. So, if there are multiple courses to choose from, and the fee for the one that you want to pursue is very high, you needn’t stop yourself from opting for it. Education loans give you the freedom to choose the subjects of your choice without having to worry about the expenses. In a foreign country, you needn’t have to count your money all the time to make both ends meet, as the education loan will be sufficient to cover your entire course fee. You can just focus on your studies without the burden of any kind of unnecessary worries.
Harvard is cheaper than many others: Incredible as it may sound, Harvard is actually cheaper than many other US State Universities, or even cheaper than premium institutions back in India. So, finances cannot be the reason for you to not choose Harvard. The education loan that you will take will cover all your necessary expenses. Harvard also gives full or partial scholarships to deserving candidates, so if you can bag one, your education loan amount can be lesser, and you can be debt-free comparatively quicker.
Access to resources: The Harvard library is the largest private library in the world. It has about 17 million volumes and 55 miles of shelving. With a minimum library fee that will be very easily covered by your education loan, you’ll never need to step out anywhere else to get the resources you need to edge up. You’ll have access to the world’s best study materials and reference books.
International experiences: Harvard itself sponsors research and studies abroad. So, they might send you on an all-paid internship to the Caribbean or maybe to some other exotic location in the middle or end of your course. It will be both a vacation come learning experience for you, and you don’t even have to shell out anything from your pocket or from your education loan amount to sponsor this trip because it will be an all-paid trip from Harvard. Now that’s like a win-win situation, what say?
Great accommodation: Harvard is perfect location-wise. It’s on the Red Line, and in 15 minutes, you can be on Boston Common. Housing is pretty good here, and over 98% of students live on the campus all four years. So, the place is never out of activities, it’s always buzzing with fun, and you will always have company here. The houses are pretty and affordable, too, and will be well covered within your education loan. Some houses are really quirky with a gym and a Jacuzzi or maybe a library. You will have great housemates, who’ll eventually turn into friends for life.
Nothing is impossible and an education loan makes it possible for you to a degree at Harvard.

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