An analysis of JEE main 2019: Important checklist to follow for the exam

JEE main 2019 was held in January and again will be conducted in April. JEE main 2019 answer key was published on the official website on 15 January 2019. To begin with, analysis of JEE main 2019 has become more drawn-out than in previous years as the number of papers has increased from one to eight. This year, as per the NTA directive, the examination will be conducted in two shifts and eight settings.

Students must have calculated their scores using JEE main 2019 answer key. We have given an honest attempt to make you understand the importance of different subjects in the examination.

In this article, we have strived to analyse the paper in two ways:

  1. Class Wise distribution of whole paper
  2. Overall Difficulty Analysis – Subject Wise

A.Class Wise distribution of overall paper

Questions from Class 11 289
Questions from Class 12 431
Total Questions 720(90 Questions*8 Shifts)

B.Overall Difficulty Analysis – Subject Wise

Subject/Level Easy Medium Difficult Total


98 120 22 240

Class 11 109
Class 12 131
Chemistry 33 165 42 240

Class 11 88
Class 12 152
Mathematics 105 103 32 240

Class 11  92
Class 12 148


TOTAL 236 388 96 720

After the analysis, it is evident that NTA favours Class 12th and questions more from the class. Students should focus accordingly. After the January attempt, aspirants should focus on their board exams, parallelly making sure that subjects of JEE main 2019 are studied and understood correctly.

Checklist to follow for the exam:

We have tried to give an easy list for the aspirants to make the path towards your aim easier.

  • Once you have decided to take on the journey (which is generally in Class 11), start with the focus on NCERTS.
  • Gradually, under the guidance of your teachers, move on to other books.
  • Follow your study-plan religiously. Be a better planner.
  • Revise regularly, make revision notes, formula sheets, etc.
  • practice.practice. Attempt as many tests as possible. The more you attempt these mock tests and previous year papers, the better the performance.
  • Focus on all the problems and mistakes made during these tests. Revise the topic again to avoid these mistakes.
  • Keep yourself updated with all the announcements by NTA regarding JEE main 2019. Download your admit card, check your slot, timing, venue.
  • After the January attempt, Check your answers using JEE main 2019 answer key
  • Use the JEE main rank predictor to estimate your rank.
  • Strategize a plan as per your rank and expectations.
  • Accordingly, get back to your preparations with more enthusiasm and optimism.
  • Be more prepared for April attempt. Follow the same procedure.

The following is the basic checklist every aspirant should abide by. Do not miss any step. As long as you are dedicated and positive, success will come running to you.

All the best. You will reach great heights.

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