10 effective tips for the TEFL learners indulging in online English teaching courses

10 effective tips for the TEFL learners indulging in online English teaching courses

The TEFL course is a comprehensive course which needs its learners to understand the nuances of the course curriculum thoroughly before acquiring their certifications. However, they might find it difficult to absorb the course content, which might be a disadvantage for them while successfully completing the course. In this blog, we offer a number of tips that can be deemed effective for the TEFL learners indulging in the online English teaching courses, which can make things easier for them in achieving the desired result.

  1. Awareness

It is very important for a TEFL learner to be aware of the different roles and responsibilities that he/she will have to take on once landing with a job. It goes without saying that teaching EFL is a career that demands a lot out of the teachers and the learners need to be ready for those future challenges. This awareness makes the learners of the online English teaching courses aptly prepared for the future so that they can tackle the challenges with ease when they venture into teaching.

  1. Inculcating the 3 P’s

The 3 P’s, i.e., planning, preparing and practicing ahead of the time when they have to start teaching English could be very helpful for the future TEFLers. All the three mentioned virtues are equally important for the aspiring EFL educators and will help in building the foundation of the teaching career in the field of TEFL.

  1. Be ambitious but realistic

It is very natural for an aspiring TEFL educator to be ambitious and it is good for his/her career as well. However, it is also very important that the person should not exaggerate with the ambitions and be as realistic as possible while pursuing his/her academic career. This helps to keep things in control for the person and also break the bigger target into smaller steps which are easy to achieve.

  1. Motivating

A TEFL learner should be motivated from the very beginning and focus on the target, i.e., the successful completion of the course curriculum and becoming a teacher in the future. It also helps the person to motivate the students under his/her tutelage in the right way when he/she embarks on the career path of a TEFL educator.

  1. Supportive learning atmosphere

The creation of an atmosphere in the classroom which is conducive for learning is a must for the TEFL educator. A person who is aspiring to become an EFL educator in the future should understand the various ways to develop such an atmosphere in the classroom to make things better for his/her students as well as for him/her. These traits could come very handy for the TEFL learners during their teaching career.

  1. Classroom management

To inculcate the classroom management techniques is another important trait for anyone who is willing to become an EFL educator in the future. In any course, especially the online English teaching courses, it is important for the teachers to understand the problems and the requirements of the students they are handling. Inculcating the classroom management techniques help in the development of the TEFL learners into the teachers of tomorrow.

  1. Instinctive decisions

On certain occasions, a TEFL trainer has to trust his/her own instincts while taking the decisions which are related to the course and its curriculum. This is where it becomes important for the learner of the online English teaching courses to have enough confidence in his/her own abilities and make sure that he/she is able to take the right decisions to tackle adverse situations which can arise when they embark on their teaching career.

  1. Authority

A TEFL trainer needs to learn how to establish his/her authority over the students in a class or in an online course. Establishing authority over the students in a class helps the educator to have better control over the students as well as manage the in-class activities in a better manner. This also helps in the development of confidence of the learners ahead of their career in the sphere of TEFL teaching.

  1. Maintain rules

It is one of the biggest duties for the TEFL learner to learn how to maintain the rules and regulations and provide the students with lessons for the betterment of class decorum and also the proper maintenance of the course curriculum. People looking forward to make a career in teaching should understand the importance of the maintenance of rules and also the techniques to convince the students to do the same when they embark in a teaching career.

  1. Assessment

It is also very important for the TEFL teacher to assess the students’ performances while they are delving in the course. This is why the learners indulging in the online English teaching courses should learn how to assess performances and upon which criteria it is done.

Every TEFL learner is endowed to face a number of challenges in their teaching career and to be ready for them is the best measure they can take. The aforementioned techniques could come very handy for these learners, especially when they are delving in the online English teaching courses. Having a full-fledged knowledge of these techniques can cater to their holistic development and also help them eradicate a number of predicaments that might arise after the TEFL learners start their careers as teachers or trainers in the future.

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