Two Fields To Go To School For: Healthcare And Teaching

Healthcare is a field where seemingly countless types of positions exist. The best paying, most solid occupations are the ones that require licenses and college educations—such as pharmacists, nurses and doctors. There are also tons of other occupations in the field that require little to no education. Such occupations include medical assistants, dental assistants, ultrasound technicians and nurse assistants. If you are looking to go to college for healthcare occupations, be prepared for a lifestyle of intense studying that lasts years. If you feel that you are too emotionally sensitive to this type of lifestyle and are not ready, then you are not really to pursue it. 

Healthcare curricula are very intense and rigorous, and sometimes teachers intentionally make things harder. Sometimes, a class is only as passable as its instructors are reasonable. There are some colleges where most of the people in the class graduate, while there are other schools where half the class fails out. Programs that teach healthcare occupations can be very competitive to get into, and you may need to take various tests and have just the right credentials to look good on paper. On top of it, schools that teach healthcare occupations sometimes charge a lot of money annually, and many times such a thing is unavoidable. 


The profession of teaching is very interesting to discuss. Teachers generally need to pursue more education after attaining a bachelor’s degree. There are various local and state qualifications that an aspiring teacher has to attain in order to fully become a teacher and/or forward one’s career. 

Teaching is one of those fields where people claim that you have to “know somebody” to get a job. This is true to a very noticeable extent, and it is especially true for the most desirable types of teaching jobs and the most desirable schools. A person can specifically go for an undergraduate degree in teaching before going for more education, or go for a degree of another subject. A part of getting a teaching-related occupation is to do a teacher observation. There may also be teaching-related tests that you have to take. 

Many teachers claim that they do not make enough. However, one must take this opinion with a grain of salt because of the fact that such an opinion is subjective and there are plenty of arguments for why it is not true. For example, one can say that teachers are not really suffering because many of them have solid jobs with tenure, summers off, stable salaries and benefits. Compared to the rest of the population, teachers who enjoy those perks are actually making out pretty well when you consider the fact that a lot of people don’t have stable jobs, don’t have stable benefits, don’t have summers off and don’t have stable salaries with tenure. Teachers in some parts of the country make more money than others. There are some teachers who, arguably, really earn their money and/or don’t make enough for what they have to put up with. This is especially true of teachers who have to work in less safe schools where the students frequently underachieve.

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