The Importance of Preschool in Education and Development

Many parents wonder whether preschool is ultimately the right choice for their child. Does preschool really help all that much, or is it just a waste of time? Science appears to be on the side of preschool playing a meaningful role in early childhood development. One study determined that students who attended preschool came out ahead of those who did not. Researchers believe that there are tangible benefits when it comes to preparedness for kindergarten, so you shouldn’t miss out on preschool if you want your child to succeed in earlier grades. 

One parent with a child attending pre school West Jordan UT claimed that her child’s early learning program made the difference between him succeeded and failing in kindergarten, “I thought for a while that Gregory might have had a learning disability, but I think that it was just a better idea to put him in a place where he could learn without relying on me teaching him on my own.” Her son Gregory, now in 3rd grade, continues to excel in English and Mathematics. 

Other studies have demonstrated that preschool attendance can have long-lasting impacts. A study detailed in Forbes claimed that early learning programs helped kids do better later in life, increasing high school graduation rates while improving their chances of finding a job in their adult years. 

When it comes to childhood education, the sooner your child gets into an early childhood program, the better off they are in the long-term. Getting a head-start on learning the key concepts means that they will be better-prepared to handle the cognitive challenges of academic life. With guidance from instructors, young children tend to grasp concepts much more quickly. With a focus on improving aptitude, teaching manners and giving kids a head start on learning and study techniques, most preschool academies in this day and age create a custom program to give the child the right tools they need to learn, based on existing knowledge and aptitude. 

Bespoke teaching is a rising phenomenon in the world of academia, inspired by homeschooling and by the methodology of autodidacts, or self-taught learners. It is important to realize that early childhood development is still a poorly-understood science and that we are only beginning to be able to gather objective information on the subject. Most schools in the western world are still based off of Victorian education from the height of the Industrial Revolution, where children were processed through learning academies as if they were on a factory line, without any particular attention paid to their individual talents and interests. 

As an investment in a child’s future, it is important to get them on-board with learning in a formal setting as soon as possible. The studies don’t lie: children appear to do much better in school and in life in the long-run when they are part of a preschool program. In the USA, there are many public and private preschools offering different programs oriented towards different income levels and learning styles.

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